5 Tips to Combat Property Damage

5 Tips to Combat Property Damage

Owning your own home or business comes with various costs, and having to replace several features on your premises due to vandalism is not something you want to deal with on a regular basis. Vandalism can disrupt your business and if severe, can cause your company to cease trading for a few days. This can result in a loss of revenue while business closes and looks to hire contractors who can replace the damaged property.

Here are 5 helpful tips to combat property damage:

  1. Check the Premises Before Exiting

Before exiting your property ensure you check every window, door and external entrance to your building. If you something to left unlocked it becomes an easy target for would be criminals. A quick check of the surrounding premises is the easiest and cheapest way to prevent property damage, vandals will always look for an easy target and an unlocked window or door is the perfect opportunity for them to destroy your belongings. Create a list and place it on your main door to ensure you carry out checks every day.

  1. Report any anti-social behaviour

You may witness any social behaviour in your area such as acts of vandalism, whether small or big they should be reported to the local authorities. If this kind of behaviour is prevalent in your area there is a greater chance of it affecting your premises, once you leave these problems unreported they can develop and get out of control. Crime prevention is always important and should be reported to the police to improve community prevention.

  1. Support community outreach programmes

Some groups of individuals become disconnected with their community and society in general and turn to anti-social behaviour out of boredom, it can be due to a lack of role models or having no access to community outreach programmes, either way these people can be targeted and helped. One of the most effective means of preventing vandalism is by supporting community outreach programmes, try and volunteer some of your time to help vulnerable members of your community focus on positive endeavours.

  1. Install video surveillance

Video surveillance is an effective way to fight against property damage, it provided a 24/7 monitoring system which covers your property at all times of the day. The simple presence of video cameras on your property will act as a deterrent to most vandals, they do not want to be recognised and video surveillance acts an excellent preventative system. Although it does not prevent an actual crime from taking place, it still provides police with evidence about the perpetrators.

  1. Install protective window film

Security film is another ideal option for preventing property damage, it is inexpensive and helps upgrade your security at an affordable cost. Security film can be installed on your glass window or doors using a clear, invisible film.

It protects your property from:

  • Deliberate Glass Breakage
  • Premeditated vandalism
  • Burglaries
  • Natural disasters

There are several ways to combat property damage, most are cost-effective and do not require a lot of time and effort to install.