Everything You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Everything You Need to Know About Exposed Aggregate Concrete

When it comes to concrete, many people think that all materials are the same. Of course, this isn’t the case. There are actually many different types of concrete that may be more suitable than others, depending on the type of project and desired style, design, or appearance that you’re going for. By doing little research into the different types and styles of concrete that might be available to you, you can guarantee that your next project will be an absolute success.

What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne refers to a type of concrete that was designed with style and design in mind. Exposed aggregate concrete, also simply referred to as exposed aggregate, is a form of decorative concrete that exposes the layer of aggregate (small rocks, pebbles, and other materials) by removing the top layer of cement paste. The ending result resembles something like a marble or mosaic effect. This material is also very durable and skid-resistant, making it great for sidewalks, driveways, and even patios or pool decks.

Exposed aggregate concrete differs from solid concrete in many ways. Other than its aesthetic differences, exposed aggregate must be maintained and cleaned differently than what is required for solid concrete. Solid concrete can be cleaned easily with a power washer, as long as the material isn’t cracked. On the other hand, exposed aggregate concrete needs to be hosed down with less force so as not to dislodge any of the exposed rocks or other materials.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Using exposed aggregate concrete for your driveway or other projects comes with many benefits. Of course, the biggest benefit is the style and appearance of the exposed stones and rocks. When paired with other decorative concretes, or even solid concrete, exposed aggregate blends with and provides an interesting aesthetic to the exterior of your home. On top of that, there are also many different styles of exposed aggregate available, whether it be made with small rocks, large rocks, different coloured rocks, or some other combination.

Hiring a Professional

If you’re interested in using exposed aggregate concrete in your driveway or other area of your home, you should reach out to a professional contractor today. Exposed aggregate is a very popular material, so there should be plenty of contractors in your area who are able to work with it. With that said, you should still be careful when choosing a contractor to make sure you choose someone who is trustworthy and reliable, guaranteeing that you end up with the best possible results once they’ve finished working.

To find the best contractor, make sure that they have the proper licensing, insurance, and certifications to work in your area. You should also check with their references or customer reviews to see what kind of work they have done in the past and what reputation that work has earned them. A good way to find the best contractor is to ask your friends, neighbours, or family members if they have any good experiences with a local company.