Experience the Best Deals with AC Repair Now

Experience the Best Deals with AC Repair Now

Summer heat is the main reason to think about installing an air conditioner. It is quite better to do in advance like during repairs in the apartment. This approach will greatly simplify the installation process and will hide the unsightly communications. To the air conditioner pleased the eye and organically fit into the residential interior, the choice of a split-system and the location of its placement in the apartment, too, should be approached wisely.

Before starting repair

When you start repairing an apartment in a new building, you need to determine in advance where you want to place the air conditioner. This will allow you to install the internal and external units of the device both in the process and after the main repair of the apartment. If you order a design and repair in one company, the location of the air conditioner will be spelled out in the technical documentation of the project. For any kind of fixing now, the Phoenix AC Repair service will be the best option now.

For the Wall Split System 

Wall split systems are the most usual option for city apartments. The outer and inner blocks of such devices are connected together by flexible tubes. At the preparatory stage of repair, they can be mounted in the wall, once and for all concealing unaesthetic communications. For this purpose, the wall is shattered during roughing operations. At this stage, you can already install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. The indoor unit is installed during the finishing of the room.

If the budget for repairing the apartment is limited, the installation of the air conditioner makes sense to postpone until better times. But it is necessary to immediately determine the place, the power of the future air conditioner and the scheme of communications to it. Then at the stage of roughing works, it is enough to conduct communications under the split-system and hide their outlets with plastic plugs.

After repair

If the apartment has already been repaired, the process of selecting and installing an air conditioner is somewhat complicated. Pipes can no longer be built into the wall without damaging the finishing. In such cases, the route is concealed in a plastic channel, which does not make much harm to the interior in comparison with exposed communications. The split-system should be installed next to the window in order to shorten the length of the pipes between the external and internal unit.

From the multi-split system will have to be abandoned. Such a device can include up to 7 indoor units connected to one external one, but to hide long pipes and their docking between several rooms is much more difficult. The indoor unit of the air conditioner can be installed on one wall with an external unit – then a decorative cable channel will not be required.

Wall slashing under air conditioning

The interior for each element has its place. Air conditioning should not be an exception. You can beat its appearance in various ways: disguise it, hide it, or, on the contrary, select it. If we are talking about the air conditioner model in standard white color, the easiest way to divert attention is to place the indoor unit of the device against the background of light walls.

The color of the indoor unit of the split system can now be selected for any interior range or covered with a special paint, like a refrigerator. You can choose the coloring in the tone of the walls or the contrast option, the main thing is that the color of the block should correspond with other elements in the space, for example with decorative pillows or upholstered furniture. For the Phoenix AC Repair could be your best service to reach out now.