Never Do These If Your House Has Carpenter Ants

Never Do These If Your House Has Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the major problems in most of the cities in Canada. They easily take refuge inside the damp or dead woods lying in the surrounding of the house. Though these ants are small in size, they are capable of doing big damage to your household.

You must be wondering what you should do in order to prevent fourmis charpentière et dommages which means to prevent carpenter ants and damage caused by them. However, it is more important to know what you should not do in such case.

Following are few things you must avoid doing in case you find carpenter ants in your household.

  • Not evaluating the amount of infestation

Termites as well as carpenter ants cause damage to any damp or dead woods. If you are careful then you can notice piles of wood shavings near your wooden structures, then it can either be termite or due to carpenter ants. However, the treatment for these two insects are different. Termites are sort of white ants while carpenter ants are black and measures around ¼” to 3/8”. Therefore, you need to make sure about their presence.

  • Ignore the sign of damage caused by carpenter ants

Common sign of the presence of such ants are

  1. Found to be crawling around your home
  2. They are entering into the hole and coming out
  3. Lots of wood shavings are noticed
  4. Rustling noise in the wall

In case, you have noticed any of the above then you should never take it lightly. It can go worse with time and hence you must do something to prevent them.

  • Just relying on your own method of controlling

Usually, people try to follow their own methods like spreading borax or cinnamon, which may appear to be effective but that cannot take care about their infestation. This method may work if only a few are present and not if they have formed a colony in your house.

  • Not taking any help from pest control

Pest control of professional level is the only solution to get rid of them. They will take suitable measures so that they will never return back again. Pest control professionals can also offer you a number of tips to prevent them.

  • Not taking any preventive action

After they are removed you need to take following preventive action

  1. It is necessary to seal doors and windows and the foundation of building
  2. Store the food inside air tight container
  3. Trim all the bushes and shrubs

Carpenter ants can harm your property, so try to get rid of them as soon as possible.