Are Your Windows and Doors Secure Enough at Home?

Are Your Windows and Doors Secure Enough at Home?

We all take home security seriously, and although there are a wide range of smart technologies available that push the boundaries of what we thought possible just a few short years ago, it is important to not lose sight of traditional home security measures. Looking after the potentially vulnerable entry points of your home should be a priority, and thinking about windows and doors and the locks that protect them the first port of call. Alongside that, regularly review your home security systems and entry point and look to additional home security products such as window restrictors to ensure you are as fully prepared as possible to prevent home invasion and burglary.

Analysis of Entry Points

The first thing you should do is to commit to a regular review of all home security measures that you have in place. This includes any home alarm system, video doorbells, CCTV, motion sensor lighting, and any other home security products you have connected to the network. Primarily though it should focus on the potential entry points of the property and look for any weaknesses. Is your front door strong enough to withstand forced entry? Could the locks be strengthened on windows and doors? Are there outbuildings that can be accessed easily and out of sight of the main building? By answering these questions you can begin to understand the vulnerabilities of the property and be proactive in strengthening them.

Window and Door Locks

The locks that you use for all windows and doors are vital to preventing unlawful entry to your property. The stronger the lock, the greater the resistance to being broken by a burglar attempting to break in. Look to purchase window and door locks from reputable home security experts who have a relationship with professional locksmiths and carry a stamp of quality and industry excellence. That way, you can install door and window locks of the highest standard that are durable and difficult to break. For any vulnerable outbuildings that contain expensive equipment and machinery, purchase strong, robust padlocks to make them extra secure.

Window Restrictors

Window restrictors provide an added insurance, and are great value in homes where there are children or animals present. In these instances especially where there is a need for windows to be left open for ventilation, window restrictors allow for a small opening for fresh air to gain access to the home, but only at a small enough gap that an intruder could not take advantage.

All of these investigations and product upgrades will provide you with peace of mind that you are doing all within your power to protect your home from potential entry by burglars and criminals. The basic, traditional home security measures should always be strengthened first, as a smart video system might be able to warn you that an intruder has gained entry, but if they can easily do so through a weak front door lock, or a window that is open too far, it is already too late to prevent them. Look towards stronger locks for windows and doors, and products such as window restrictors to strengthen your home security immeasurably.