Benefits of Installing a Glass Shower Screen

Benefits of Installing a Glass Shower Screen

Are you in the process of remodelling your bathroom? It sure is an exciting adventure but it can a bit strenuous, especially when you’re not sure what you want. It was no problem at all picking out your new tiles or the lighting fixtures. And there was no hesitation when it came to choosing your new vanity. But what about your new shower? Sure, you’ve got the showerhead picked out and that new bench is perfect for relaxing in the shower but what are you going to do to enclose it? Take a few moments to check out the overwhelming benefits of installing a glass shower screen in your new shower.

Easy to Clean

Unlike other types of shower enclosures such as shower curtains, glass shower screens are a lot less likely to develop nasty mould on them. This means that you can save yourself from spending an incredible amount of your precious time scrubbing the grit and grime off of your shower screen.

Change the Aesthetic

Glass shower screens have a way of making a room look much larger than they actually are. This is because they’re transparent, drawing people’s eyes to the back of the shower instead of stopping right at the shower curtain. They also make the room look a lot lighter because there are no shadows being thrown around the room.

You Can Customise Them

Glass shower screens in Perth can be customised to your liking. They can be tinted and frosted or you can even have them etched with a beautiful design. Turn your glass shower screen into a work of art and all of your guests will be incredibly impressed.

They’re Durable

Glass shower screens are made from toughened glass. This means that you can bump it, hit it, or knock on it and the glass will still be standing. This is especially important for people who have little ones at home.

They’re Versatile

Glass shower screens are obviously transparent, making them suitable for any colour scheme that you have in your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you have flowers all over the place or a tropical beach theme; your glass shower screen will go with anything!

It Won’t Draw Too Much Attention

One of the greatest benefits of glass shower screens is that they don’t take attention away from the other aspects of your bathroom. Because they’re transparent, they allow the other elements of the bathroom to stand out, such as that gorgeous new tile you just had installed.

There’s no reason why you should have to continuously purchase new shower curtains. When you install a glass shower screen, you can say goodbye to the nasty buildup of mould and say hello to an easy-to-clean glass shower screen!