Benefits of Security Doorbells

Benefits of Security Doorbells

Security doorbells and video doorbells specifically have become more and more popular over the course of the last few years. There is good reason for this, as homeowners continue to seek cost-effective and robust methods to defend their homes against potential intruders and criminals. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits to video security doorbells and how they could soon be helping you protect your property from intrusion.

A security doorbell includes a camera inside it. As technology has advanced the majority of video doorbell products include a HD quality camera feed, which can be accessed via an app on a person’s smartphone with live feeds, snapshots of certain times of the day and a range of other features, depending on the specific brand and model in question.

A doorbell camera is a visual deterrent in much the same way that a bulky old CCTV system used to be to potential burglars. As someone approaches your house, they will be able to either see that your doorbell has a camera inside, or once they knock on the door, hear that you have a doorbell camera active (as many video doorbells also allow for communication between someone ringing the doorbell and the occupant viewing the feed on a smartphone). It means the burglar will think twice about attempting to break in, as they know there is a live feed of their movements.

This HD quality footage might not stop a burglary but it can provide an invaluable level of evidence in the event of an intruder managing to break in to your home. This can help police investigating a home invasion or burglary, as well as ensure that you receive a payout from your insurance claim, in the worst-case scenario.

On a practical level, a security doorbell is a fantastic way to manage your household on a daily basis, and not just be used as a home security product. When you are expecting deliveries it can often be complete guesswork as to whether a parcel has been delivered, or a delivery legitimately attempted. With a video doorbell you have access to actual video footage of a delivery person knocking on the door, leaving a package at your doorstep, or indeed that they haven’t been there if they claimed to have already delivered. Via a smartphone app you can check in at regular intervals during the day if you are expecting a delivery, to see what is happening at your door.

Another aspect of a security doorbell is that it ensures you can see who is exactly at your door before you go to open it. If you have vulnerable people alone at home and you are not sure about them answering the door, or if you hear a knock at the door at night, first take a look at the live video feed and see if it is a friendly face that you know, or speak to the person knocking to see who they are and why they are knocking at your home. It takes the guesswork out of it completely and can help keep you and your family safe from potential harm.