Looking For Rough Lumber For Your Use?

Looking For Rough Lumber For Your Use?

Most of us are not regular buyers of rough lumber that perhaps you need to buy for certain woodwork. Therefore in this short article few tips have been provided which will be useful to read.

  • Start with thick lumber

If you are looking for rough cedar lumber then their thickness increases at the step of ¼”. The thinnest one will be specified as 4/4 or four quarters. However, when you want to buy lumber you must buy little thicker than the required size of wood.


  • Buy little longer

Similarly if you really need to buy 8 feet length board then you must chose little extra length say about 9 feet or so.

  • Consider to buy No 1 common

Usually no 1 common will be much less expensive and in most of the boards you will find some defects. Therefore you have do proper selection so that you can get perfect board of no 1 common.

  • Top grade boards may not look pretty

Lumbers are not graded based on their looks and hence you may find any top grade board that may not look as pretty as you may expect it to be.

  • Always buy little excess quantity

Do not commit mistake of buying the exact amount of wood that is needed. You must always buy 15 to 20 per cent extra. In case you buy exact quantity then later on you may not get wood exactly matching with the original bought before.

  • You can always tame warped lumber

People generally prefer to choose flat boards and try to avoid picking pretzels. However you must understand that all kind of boards can be fattened by using planner and you need not to be much concerned about it.

  • Cupped boards

You will find few boards along its width are little cupped and therefore its thickness will get affected. Though by using the planner its surface can be made parallel therefore you need not be concerned about cupped boards. The board can be cut small and with the planer it can be flattened.

  • Bowed boards

Similarly with the boards that are little bowed can also be cut into smaller sizes and can be made straight by working with planer.

  • Choose rift sawn blank for legs

If you find any piece that is rift sawn then such pieces must be used for the legs for the table. You can get all the four legs from the same piece.

By taking clue from above tips you can select right lumber for your use.