Replacing the Garage Door Springs

Replacing the Garage Door Springs

The mechanism used in modern garage doors is designed to provide quick movement so that the door can open at the touch of a button. Garage doors are available in many different sizes, and the mechanism used in the garage door usually depends on the type of garage door. For instance, sliding garage doors are based on a sliding track, while roller shutter garage doors have a chain and counterweights that lift the door upwards. The door itself is cut into slats that neatly fold up into a small drum barrel as it slides up.

Springs are commonly used in most types of garage doors in order to maintain the movement. Springs are used to dampen the load and also allow the garage door to move freely. Hydraulic springs are the most popular types of springs used in modern garage doors. However, with the passage of time, the pressure within the hydraulic springs is likely to release, thus rendering the springs useless. You will need to replace the springs if you want the garage door to continue moving smoothly along its track. Replacing the garage door springs is certainly not going to be an easy task, and you should ideally avoid tampering with the garage door springs unless you have experience in fixing the door all by yourself. There’s a very high chance that you will end up causing even more damage to the garage doors.

There are several companies that offer garage door spring replacement in Perth, so you should contact them if you want to get professional work done at your place. Here are a few things that you should know about replacing the garage doors.

Buying New Springs

If you have a bigger garage door, the springs installed will obviously be bigger. It’s important that you buy springs of the right size for your garage door. If you install smaller springs in a larger garage door, they won’t be able to bear the load, and it won’t take long before the garage door gives way again. Moreover, smaller springs won’t be able to damper the load on the garage doors, thus rendering the springs useless. You will need to buy the separately, or you can just contact the garage door maintenance company and let them know about the model of your garage door. They will bring the springs and charge you for them.

Installing the Springs

The company will first remove the chain that connects the garage door mechanism, and then fit the garage door on a makeshift base before removing the springs. The new springs will be loaded in the mechanism and checked to ensure that the pressure is adequate before full load is transferred.