Variety of Bricks for Sale for Every Project at Affordable Prices

Variety of Bricks for Sale for Every Project at Affordable Prices

A brick is a brick, right? Wrong. Most people do not realise that there are different types of bricks. Each type of brick is designed for a specific use and function. Bricks are typically used for building and construction projects, including homes, commercial buildings, as well as hard landscaping features, driveways, and much more. They service for both function and aesthetics. Your most common type of brick is about eight inches long and four inches wide.

Why Brick?

Brick has been a popular building material for many years. The reason clients are drawn to brick differ, depending on the needs. Brick is durable and long lasting. It also offers a certain aesthetic that cannot be duplicated by anything else. This type of material is more fire resistant than other types of construction materials, which makes it appealing for homeowners who are concerned with their family’s safety. Water resistance is also an attractive feature. Due to the composition of bricks, water resistance is high. It also works great as an insulator and, therefore, also a barrier against sound.

Types of Bricks

Cheap common bricks in Sydney are great for a variety of projects because of their durability. Common clay bricks are created by using moulds, which are then dried and fired in a kiln. This is your common variety of brick, and there’s nothing extra spectacular about it. It’s used mostly in general construction work. One thing to note is that if it is used in walls, one will need to plaster the wall.

Sand lime bricks are a different variety of bricks that are made by mixing sand, fly ash, and lime. A chemical process happens during mixing. Afterwards, the mixture is moulded under pressure, and this process forms the brick. This kind of brick can be superior to clay bricks in certain circumstances. For instance, they offer a different colour, which is a grayish colour. The finish is smoother, and they work great as a load-bearing material.

Engineering bricks are formed differently from the previous two bricks mentioned. They are created under extremely high temperatures. For this reason, this type of brick is extremely dense and provides great strength.  The amount of water absorption is very little. Due to their strength they offer load bearing opportunities, and they can offer damp-proofing. Engineering bricks can be more costly than other types of bricks and are only used in specific projects that call for a material of these specifications.

Concrete bricks are just as their name implies. They are made purely from concrete. An attractive quality about this type of brick is that it can be made in different colours. This makes it a great option when building fences and other art pieces that should be aesthetically pleasing.

Fire ash clay bricks are made from clay and fire ash, as their name implies, at really high temperatures. This type of brick does tend to take in water, thus allowing it to expand.

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